My Story

I joined Scentsy in October of 2014.  I have had several successful Scentsy parties in the past; they are SO much fun and who doesn't love earning free products?!  Joining was the most "scent-sible" next step for me.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know many wonderful people, and thoroughly enjoy sharing my love of Scentsy with the world.  In 2012 I witnessed a fire in the apartment complex I lived in.  I can honestly say it terrified me.  I use this product because I believe in it.  I love knowing how SAFE our products are.  No wick = no flame = peace of mind.   Scentsy literally offers something for everyone - women, men & children alike. Please contact me for a catalog and sample.  You can also join my newsletter to keep up with new releases - there is a new scent AND a new warmer released every month! I love meeting new people, and I love educating others and answering questions. Not everyone is going to love each scent, so if you want the opportunity to smell before you buy PLEASE contact me (I'm in South Bend, IN) and we can get together, or you can take my testers & some catalogs for a week, collect orders and earn yourself FREE and HALF-PRICE Scentsy.  If you'd like to join but have questions first, I've love to talk!  Thank you for visiting!